The Underbelly

the yoga studio for the rest of us.

If you have ever thought that people who look like you or think like you or live like you don’t do yoga, this is your place to give it a go.

The not so fine print: pricing and location

The Underbelly is a subscription service that costs $9.99 per month. You can cancel at anytime as long as it is 24 hours prior to the next billing cycle. But we hope you will never want to. Additionally, the Underbelly is only currently available in North America and we can only guarentee support for those users as of now (although we will try to help everyone). International roll out dates will be announced soon!

At The Underbelly, Jessamyn Stanley invites you to step into a process that uses yoga as a way to spend time with yourself and become aware of/appreciate how you fit in your own story and prioritize yourself in it. When you leave, you can take with you tools like grounded-ness, breath, and self-love to get you through. The more you practice, you’ll evolve your awareness and connection.

Choose from three different tracks, each with a series of videos that build on each other.

Then, watch the videos in that track. No need to follow along right away. Just breathe and watch, if you want.

  • Air

    Learn to connect your breath and build your internal rhythm

  • Earth

    Establish a strong, rooted connection to the common vinyasa yoga postures

  • Fire

    Generate heat inside and out by linking your breath to the postures

Let's Go

When you’re ready, put on clothes that let you move your body or sit still comfortably. Grab a yoga mat. Have a seat. Let Jessamyn talk you through more than physical movements.

Or skip the tracks and go straight to all of the videos.

Photo credit: Justin Cook

Become a student of yoga and life

Only when Jessamyn began documenting her yoga practice on Instagram did she start to see the light inside herself. Give it a try here or take it to social media using the #ubyoga hashtag.

But mostly, whatever you decide to do, set aside time to become a student at The Underbelly.

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